People driving fast on lawn tractors: true grass roots motorsports

Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2010 by Robert Brock

Oh, the things you find when you are surfing the web. And more specifically YouTube. I was wandering through cyberspace looking for my next great video to discuss when I stumbled upon this awesome source of inspiration. Sometime I get tunnel vision, I think we all do. And the geniuses who create the search algorithms for Google and YouTube know this about the general public. This contender for a Cannes Film Festival award :) was a suggestion from YouTube based on my searches up to that point, so for that I am thankful. Otherwise I may not have been able to share my enjoyment of this lawn mower mayhem with all of you. Who says that crazy and fast has to involve motorcycles and sports cars? A raise of hands for anyone who has ever tried to peel out, spin out, jump start or speed shift their riding mower. Wow… just about everyone… that’s what I thought.

Interestingly enough, the origin of lawn mower racing got its start abroad out of The Cricketers Arms pub in West Sussex, England circa 1973. Persistent grumblings by a group of young pub patrons paved the way for the organized version of the sport we know today. Excessive cost of entering any traditional form of motorsports was their gripe, and fueled the formation of the British Lawn Mower Racing Association. In the United States it is reported that a basic form of the sport began just north of here in a tiny town in Indiana. This small Hoosier town hosts an annual lawn mower race, and has been since 1963. Today lawn mower racing has grown into a serious sanctioned motorsport, with such national organizations as the U.S Lawn Mower Racing Association and American Racing Mower Association.

Now, I don’t know this for a fact, but I am going to guess that no one in today’s featured video is a card carrying member of either of the aforementioned associations. However, they are showing real safety precautions by wearing helmets, and it does appear they took the proper measures to close the street off for their high speed passes. Most importantly, they really showed me something with the general production quality of their cinematography and musical score. I know what you are thinking, four plus minutes of tractor racing. But honestly, like a fine wine this video got better for me with age. Check out a few other videos from the CAMOTRUCKN crew, for whom I envy two things: their dumb passion and their YouTube background image.

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